I don’t know where I would be without a camera. I remember my first. A Kodak Instamatic 120 with the cube flash bulbs that rotated on each shot. I took that thing everywhere and fondly recall trips to the drag strip and the County Fair, even a John Denver concert. We sat way up in the back and I shot a whole roll with those flash cubes. I remember getting the pictures back and being disappointed because he was so small. Mother’s Minolta SRT101 was the next step and it real all started there. Shooting snaps of the world around me. I attended school in Mexico City during College and fell in love with the markets, everything from bugs to rugs. The food enamored me most, I just couldn’t get enough of it.

I still can’t today. I love shooting ingredients. Searching for them, knowing where they come from and how they are made. This craziness I have with food has led me to raise my own animals, process and create my own specialty meats like salami, bacon and hams. Nothing like an apple wood smoked ham for Christmas dinner knowing you raised it just yards away. I have been fortunate to return to the land where I grew up. It now guides me in my other passion, wine. Living in wine country I started making fruit wines with my Father in Law. This eventually grew in to my own Pinot Noir vineyard and now a small wine label.

Sonoma County has been a great launch pad for my creative adventures. So much here to enjoy and explore. I still have that old Instamatic sitting on a shelf staring at me. From time to time it reminds me that it is a good thing to look back and see where your creativity started. Endulge that curious nature which has driven me through the past 24 years creating images. You can still find me in the markets or vineyards with a camera in hand looking at how the light shapes that gorgeous peach or how it back lights a single leaf, catching glimpses of my imagination.